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    Protective Service

    For the elderly who are being abused, abandoned, neglected and independent living, the center integrates nonprofit organization and community to provide protection and support services. 

    1.Requirement for Applicant

    Senior citizens 65 years old or older who are registered and really live in Kaohsiung City suffering any one conditions as below: 

    Neglected,Abused,Abandoned ,Single and unable to self-sufficiency ,Others 

    2.Service Commitment

    a.Free notification hotline for on-line inquiry and case-informing 
    b.Consolidating the evaluating cases by home visit 
    c.Offering emergency protection and placement 
    d.Referring services 

    Services for Elderly Living Alone and Those Suffering from senile Dementia 

    We pay attention to comfort and health of those who live alone. We care about the requirement from the agencies that provide services for the aged person. We help families find aged members who have become lost. We provide “wrist band tethers” to allow freedom of movement to senile dementia people and security to those who love and care for them. 

    1.Requirement for Applicant

    Senior citizens 60 years old or older who are registered and in reality are in Kaohsiung City in need of care and assistance.

    2.Service Commitment

    Consolidating the charity of Kaohsiung city to the community care service team and offering the following services:

    a. Greetings by telephone 
    b. Friendly visits 
    c.Accompanying to medical treatment 
    d. Installing emergency notification system 
    e.Household safety protection