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    Kaohsiung's aged population had been increasing by the year and the city's demographic structure is rapidly heading toward the aging society.

    However, activity centers and park pavilions for senior citizens are small in size which can only support them for local recreational functions.

    There is as yet a shortage of comprehensive senior citizen services institutions.
    To strengthen welfare activities for our seniors, the Kaohsiung city government has implemented the. Senior Citizen Services Center, addressing forward-looking demands of the elderly to provide them with recreation, entertainment, further studies, daycare rehabilitation and counseling needs, all meant to be complete and accommodating. Construction of the Center began in October 1994 and the total cost was more than 570NT million dollars.

    A subsidy of 100 million dollars came from the Ministry of Interior. The Center has been listed as one of the important government projects in recent years. This Center links up private and public senior citizens service institutions in town, building a network base to elevate all-out welfare and services to the elderly. Thus it serves as a hub of service for the aged.


    The Center has 17 regular employee and 7 staff, total 24 persons
    Organization structure:
    1. Director*1、Secretary*1
    2. General Affair Section - Officer、Associate Clerk、Clerk、Associate Technical Specialist、Junior Technical Specilaist、Technical Worker*7
    3. Education & Protection Section - Social Worker*2、Officer Nurse
    4. Services Section - Social Workers*2、Officer
    5. Accounting Officer
    6. Also in Charge of Personnel Officer



    Address:No.51 Siwei 2nd Rd. Lingya Dist. Kaohsiung 802042, Taiwan,R.O.C.